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As a child, my mum knitted me a little Burnley player as a toy, I
kept the "Teddy" until I joined the Army in November 1997, where I
was sent to Winchester to commence my basic training, whilst I
was packing for my move, my mum hid the little knitted Burnley
player in to my bag. Ever since he has travelled with me to keep
me safe, and make sure I don't get into trouble.

I was posted to Germany in 1998 after passing out at the Royal
Military Police Training School in Chichester, not long after my
arrival in Germany, I was sent on a peace keeping Tour of Duty to
Kosovo, where I met a UN Policeman from Egypt. We became
good friends, and he invited me, at the end of the tour, to travel to
Egypt and meet his family, which I was unable to do, instead I sent
my little Burnley player. During the trip the UN Policeman's
daughter grew very attached to the player and named him Ejup.
Upon his return to Kosovo he handed me back Ejup, and some
pictures, which can be viewed above.

Since then He has completed a tour of Bosnia, 2 tours of Iraq, and
trips to Poland, Oman, Ibiza, and Greece.

During the last tour of Iraq, Ejup went missing, in a bag that had
been stolen during the transit from the UK to Basra. Upon my
return to Blighty, I told my mum of the loss, and so she knitted me
another Ejup, not long after, the missing bag was returned, and
the Original Ejup was found after being MIA.

Ejup (the original one) is currently stationed with me in Germany,
the new Ejup has recently returned from Iraq, having got his first
Tour of Duty under his belt
Ejup in Iraq
Ejup in an Armoured Vehicle
On Holiday in Egypt