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FA Cup Winners 1914
FA Charity Shield Winnes 1973-74
Football League Champions 1920-21 and 1959-60
Jerry Dawsons England International Cap for 1922, with a picture of Jerry
wearing the said cap
The Famous 1920-21 League Championship, presenting the pictures of
Jerry Dawson and Bob Kelly.
A collection a medals presented to Harry Potts, including a FA Cup
Runners up medal for 1947 and League Championship 1959-60
Harry Potts' certificate for coaching
A Burnley pedant for the USA Tour of 1960
Celebrationery Dinner and Dance held at the Imperial Hotel after
the 1959-60 League Championship
The match ball from the famous Orient Game, 9 May 1987
An old Burnley Shirt, unknown player, any details please
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A silver Plate handed to Burnley by Eintract Franfurt prior to
the Inter-Cities Fair Cup Quarter Final on 4 April 1967
A plaque handed to Burnley prior to the humiliating 3-0 defeat by Telford
United in the 1st round of the FA Cup 1986
The famous Hospital Cup, the oldest amateur trophy still played for in the
world, it is played at Turf Moor on an annual basis, but the trophy never
leaves Turf Moor. This trophy is first to be won by Burnley.

The travelling players were : Colin Mc Donald ,Desmond Thomson ,Jock
Aird ,Jimmy Adamson (Captain),Tommy Cummings ,Jack Bennion ,Billy
Gray ,Jimmy McIlroy ,
Bill Holden ,Leslie Shannon ,DavidCargill ,Bobby Seith ,Jimmy Appleby
and Roy Stephenson . It may be some never played . Some names
became household words namely :McDonald ,Adamson , Cummings
,McIlroy ,Holden Shannon etc

The Manager at that time was Frank Hill and assisted by W.Dougall. The
Chairman was W.Hopkinson and President J.N. Grimshaw .

Altogether they played six matches and scored 36 goals against 2.
13.05.54 Burnley 4 Mauritius B 0
16.05.54 Burnley 6 Mauritius A 1
20.05.54 Burnley 6 Mauritius B 0
23.05.54 Burnley 6 Mauritius A 0
27.05.54 Burnley 7 Mauritius B 0
30.05.54 Burnley 7 Mauritius A 1
During the last match McDonald got injured . He changed position and
played Centre Forward . The last goal was scored by him .

I understand during their pioneering tour in the Indian Ocean they played
against Madagascar .The result was 13 against 2 in favour of the Clarets .

Burnley laid a milestone in their first visit to Mauritius . Nobody knew
about English football . All matches were played at King George V
Stadium with capacity crowd .There was an uproar . Suddenly all people
began to speak about English clubs. From 1954 to 1964 Burnley had the
largest number of Mauritian fans. Later they were supersided by
Manchester United and Liverpool from 1964.
There are still many Burnley fans in Mauritius but mostly from the older
generation. Our Deputy Commissioner of Police is a Burnley fan . There
are many ,many others. Lately there was one club named after Burnley,
but due to regionalisation local names were imposed as per our Sports

Written by Bhurdwaz Munger (AKA Davemanu2000)
A Plate specially commitioned by the Football Assossiation on the
anniversary of the centenery of the FA Cup in 1981, presented to all
winners of the trophy
Andy Payton's Adidas golden boot for scoring 27 goal in the Second
Division in 1999-2000.
The Mauritius Cup 2004

Burnley visited Mauritius 50 years after i.e in 2004 .Unfortunately they
had lost their earlier brilliance and lost to Mauritius by 3-0. I attended the
match and could imagine to what level they had fallen. But with time ,I
understand Burnley , with coming of new players, are gathering
momentum, and hopefully we feel that this season will be a different one
with positive signs.

Written by Bhurdwaz Munger (AKA Davemanu2000)
Burnley won the FA Cup in 1914 in the famous Royal Final, in from
for King George V at Crystal Palace, they have also been Runners
Up in the compition on two different occassions, 1947 and 1962
The Charity Shield won by Burnley in 1974, when they beat
Manchester City 0-1, it was the last time the Cup was played outside
the National Stadium, Wembley and the Millenium Stadium
Burnley have won the First Division Championship on two
occassions, the first in 1921 where the Clarets went on a record 30
games undefeated, the second time in 1960, when Burnley won the
trophy after never being top of the League until after the last game.
The Fourth Division Trophy replacement, when Burnley won this trophy
they had won every divisional title in the English League, the only other
team to achieve this feat is Wolverhampton Wanderers