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When I was about 10 year old, I grew into a fascination about
models, I think it grew out of an old subbuteo game we had, and I
wanted to build a scale version of Turf Moor, I often travelled to
Ben's Toy shop in Burnley, but I always failed to collect the right
looking stands, Turf Moor, was always unique, and I felt, if I was
gonna do it, I had to do it right!

Whilst searching the Internet, in May 2010, I came across a
website named
sportingvenuemodels.co.uk and I quickly got in
touch and commissioned a scale model copy of Turf Moor from
around 1996, prior to the two new stands replacing the Longside
and Bee Hole.

I was then introduced to Paul Turner, who runs and builds all the
models in
sportingvenuemodels.co.uk  website, and he agreed to
complete a 36 by 30 inch replica of Turf Moor.

Paul at first, drew the footprint of the stadium, quickly building the
Bob Lord Stand the and Cricket Field Stand. He used a number
of old photographs to aid in the development of the model.

Detail was then added to the seating areas within the Cricket
Field and Bob Lord Stands. Details like the Directors seating and
the players tunnel was added.

Next came the crush barriers and the metal stanchions that held
the roof of the Longside up. Also the grassy area behind the
Longside, which is now a car park started to take shape.

The Barn makes an appearance and the first part of the roof of
the Longside goes up. Also built is the Bob Lord Stand entrance
and the advertisement boardings around the pitch.

The Grassy hill, complete with the famous Longside toilets, are
added, as well as the corner of the Bee Hole and Longside being

The Club shop is then added, and the area under the Bee Hole
End is completed, the outer wall behind the Barn is finished too.
Elements of the players entrance and the away supporters
paddock are also added.

The away supporters paddock is expanded and seperating walls
are built, the bee Hole has it's central entrance finished.

The front of the ground facing on to Brunshaw Road is built, and
detail is added to the areas under the Bob Lord Stand, including
the food kiosks.

The Completed Turf Moor Model