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Welcome to The Online Burnley Football Club Museum

From humble beginnings, to
founder members of the Football
League, FA Cup winner's and
League Champions, to the
nightmare of 1987 and the threat
of relegation from the Football
League and probable extinction
to it's current standing of being back
in the Premier League. Burnley is a fascinating club, with
some of the most outrageous and celebrated characters the world of
football has had to offer. The club has gone from the very pinical of
the English league, and European success to the very bottom of
professional football.

Every fan of Burnley has countless memories and anecdotes, maybe
those involve venturing on to the Longside as a child, or watching the
amazing feats of the team in the sixties. Well this website is a tribute
to all those memories.

The site is broken up into bite
size chunks, each area taking
in an important part of the history
of the club, this site is always
going to be a work in progress,
there are so many items,
memorabilia and stories yet to
be explored and shown to the world, many of these may be held by
you, the supporters.

I will endeavour to keep this site up to date as much as possible, and
I will be changing around the exhibit pages, and including new
exhibits all the time.

This is the online Museum for
Burnley Football Club, please
tell me what you want to be
included in this site on the
Contact Us page, or alternatively
register for the ClaretsMuseum.Com

Please Enjoy the site.


Curator: Pete Briggs
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Whats New On